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An essential part of any office, colour photocopiers can help provide a helpful backup to your daily processes, help your teams save time and energy, or act as the backbone to your use case. But looking at colour photocopiers for sale can be intimidating and confusing if you’re not correctly prepared. Here are some key factors to look for… 
When it comes to finding the right copier for your business, there are a range of options available that can help add value throughout your business. This includes the MX-6051 model that can act as a workhorse for your business, providing print, copy, scan, fax and file management technology and the ability to print 60 colour pages per minute. Alternatively, you can pick up the Wi-Fi certified BP-20C25 model with full copy, print and scan functionality that prints 25 colour pages per minute. 

Some key advantages provided by modern machines include: 

Quality: Choosing a modern colour copier enables you to take advantage of the highest standards in scanner quality. This allows you to create a colour photocopy that captures every detail of the original image to the highest image standards and prevent a need for rescans due to errors or ‘fudged’ scans. This allows your teams to work with higher efficiency and pass your raised standards on to your end customers. 
Speed: Contemporary scanners operate at a much higher speed than older models – with many units able to scan quickly and provide physical and digital copies within seconds. This sends the document to your choice of secure digital storage and allows your clients, customers, and employees to access it quickly and efficiently. 
Functionality: Modern machines enjoy a range of value adding options that can help all corners of your business mode. This includes file management technology, the ability to access your office cloud and print, scan, and fax functionality – folding your key office functionality into one unit to help save space and effort. 
Affordable: While a copier may be an essential part of your business model, it can occasionally be hard to justify the expense. Reliable tech providers understand this and will almost always provide a number of options to make taking ownership of a colour copier effortless, from short term rental to long term lease deals that take the sting out of choosing the unit you truly need 

Get in touch 

If you want more guidance about what colour photocopy machine to consider or enjoy a range of flexible pricing and payment options, our highly trained Magentis Solutions team are more than happy to help your business find the right unit for your requirements. You can view our complete online catalogue in full from here. Or if you have any questions or queries that are not addressed on our site, please do not hesitate to directly get in touch and let us know exactly what you need to find the right unit for your company. 
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