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Finding the right office color copier can make the difference between massive savings when it comes to time and cost or ending up with an albatross around your neck. While the market is occupied with a range of makes and models, securing the right machine can be time consuming for staff and awkward for line managers to validate. 
Finding the right colour office copier printer includes: 
Quality: Modern colour copiers have unprecedented levels of sharpness when scanning an image. This means that you will not only improve the overall quality of your images but eliminates errors as well. There is no need to re-scan or awkwardly revisit documents or see staff struggle with an awkward office photocopy machine at the expense of productivity. 
Efficiency: Colour copiers come in a range of models but, no matter which you choose, you will be able to reduce the time spent on the machine. This can be as simple as increased print speed or easy-to-use UX – or it can be as helpful as solving a specific logjam in your processes. 
End-to-End improvements: This can be as simple as selecting a multifunction unit that allows you to enjoy other functionality such as print and scanning technology. This allows you drive improvements and innovation throughout your business. 

What are the challenges of finding the right printer? 

Finding the right copier can be extremely difficult, but if you’re stuck googling ‘office copiers near me’, here are some things to consider before picking up the phone to a provider. Starting with: 
Understanding Your Use Case: Finding the right copier for your business needs is essential. This may involve scanning specific dimensions or paper sizes. Or it may be that you are looking for an affordable model to work within your current budget or looking to invest in an item that will future-proof you against oncoming changes. 
Looking at Network functionality: Network functionality is a massive advantage for many machines and can help make file handling easier for your staff, clients, and upper management. Choosing how your machine should be networked will prove incredibly useful. 
Considering Leasing Options: If you are particularly budget-conscious, it is worth remembering that there are a range of options available when it comes to purchasing. Along with buying a machine outright, you can also engage in a lease agreement that lets you manage your office copier cost of the item over a longer period or rent to meet periods of high demand or simply try before you buy. 

Where can I source the right copier? 

If you are keen to find the right photocopy machine for office use for your business our team at Magentis Solutions are more than happy to help you out. You can view our full range of colour options from here. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions about your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly and let us know exactly what you’re looking for. 
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