What is MFP? 

Bringing massive benefit to modern companies, Sharp multifunction printers are the swiss army knife of the office. Choosing modern, multifunction copiers and printers can bring massive benefit to your business and help streamline and simplify your teams work. 
But what is an MFD printer and why should you consider picking one up? 
A multifunction printer combines elements of a printer, scanner, copier (and sometimes fax machine) in one model. These are normally connected to your office network and can effortlessly help bring your team into the digital age. This also gives you an huge amount of control when it comes to your use of colour or variables such as speed, printing options, and document handling. 
This means they can play a key role in any modern office – letting you deploy laser printing technology and a high-fidelity scanner to increase quality. 
What are the benefits? 
Space and Convenience: Choosing a multifunction printer allows you to maximise your available space by combining all your key office print functionality into one unit. This helps save time and ensures that your document handling needs are always at your fingertips. 
Connectivity: Almost all modern MFD systems have Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. This lets users easily print over a network and have their documents safely and securely stored on your online network, allowing them to be accessed by your employees and clients. 
Quality: Choosing an Sharp MFD multi function device means you can take advantage of the latest advances in Modern technology such as improved scan clarity, increased print speed, and a range of options that can let you customise your document handling options. This lets your teams operate at peak efficiency and remove any obstacles in the way of them performing their best work. 
Time: Deploying a multifunction machine ensures that you are able to shave precious seconds off a print job and prevent time away from desks collecting copies or redoing botched jobs. While these individual moments are small, they quickly add up and can bring massive improvements throughout your business. 
Savings: Modern machines are highly energy efficient and can bring down your running costs and help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. This can also allow you to cut back on ink expenditure and save on maintenance, with many companies offering service packages that can help ensure that your machines are in fantastic condition. 

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Why buy a Sharp Multifunction printer over other brands? 

While every company will have unique needs when it comes to their print work, we would always recommend considering a Sharp brand printer as your starting point. With a long history of quality, functionality, and choice – starting with Sharp is the perfect way to meet the needs of your clients and ensure the highest possible service standards. 
If you want to learn more about Sharp and our other range of brands, you can take a look at our full range of multifunction copiers and printers from here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need when considering a multifunction copier. 
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