"Photocopier leasing is too expensive"  
"Buying this printer outright will save me money"  
Scenario time:  
You want to save pennies within your business, you purchase a basic printer for £300. This printer drinks the toner so you're having to order toner every two weeks at £35 a piece. Now suddenly the printer breaks, who do you call? You spend hours googling how to fix, which you've finally found a solution - you need to order a part which is £150 and won't arrive until two weeks time. You've now missed client deadlines, your staff's workload is heavily behind, time out of the business is costing your business money, time to buy the toner every other week, time where staff are twiddling their thumbs as they rely on the printer to carry out their job, time looking at how to fix, time to source the part, potential lost business/ complaints with delays.  
Our monthly managed service contracts eliminate the stress so you can concentrate on making better use of your time for your business, they start from just as little as £40pm, this includes the rental of your machine, toner being sent directly to your establishment, engineer call outs for all warranty related issues, maintenance, average 30 second customer service pick up to your calls.  
Why not receive your FREE NON OBLIGATED quote off us today to see for yourself how this could relieve the burden of managing your printer yourself.  
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